Moose's Barbecue About Us

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Moose's Barbecue

Moose's Barbecue is owned by Nick and Beth Schmidt.

These two food fanatics have travelled the world to learn culinary styles, seasoning secrets and the magic of smoke.

Now they are offering their incredible food to you. Order and eat, join them for a cooking competition or take one of their cooking classes. All of these experiences will exceed your expectations.



Kathy - Mt Prospect, Illinois: Your Pulled Pork is the best I have ever eaten. I can't get enough!

Chris - Gurnee, Illinois: We love your ribs. We always order extra so when the guests go home we have some for leftovers.

Frank - Salem, Wisconsin: Your Brisket is my favorite. Double my order next time!

Dawn - Trevor, Wisconsin: You know your barbecue is the best when a two year old boy eats everything he is given. Your Ribs are his favorite. We love it all!